Our Role in the Channel

We are a value-added distributor with a global network of specialty resellers, systems integrators and service providers. We have a proven route to market for products and services from the vendor through to the end-user customer.

Our teams create unique programs and provide exceptional financial and technical support to accelerate the business of our partners.  Strong relationships at every level of the Westcon organisation enable our partners to receive support tailored to their needs.  

From global logistics and flexible customized financing solutions to marketing, pre-sales, technical and engineering assistance, we work with our partners to respond with agility and speed to changing market conditions so they can achieve the fastest time to revenue. Our business is organised to enable our partners to take advantage of our deep expertise in Datacentre and Converged Network Solutions.


Become a Westcon Partner

Become a customer and a partner and strengthen your market position and your bottom line. Our Account Managers and engineers deliver customized, innovative solutions for you and your customers. The Westcon Financial Services Team is able to help you finance these solutions through in-house programs and partnerships with various companies to assist you in growing your business.

The first step to join us as a partner is to open your Westcon account. It’s an easy process and takes just a short time; however, the rewards are exceptional.




  1. Completely fill out the document.  Submitting incomplete paperwork will delay account set up process.
  2. Terms and conditions – initial on each page and sign last page.
  3.  Consignee undertaking letter 1st Licence & 2nd Licence – to be printed on company letterhead, bearing company stamp and signed with date.
   4. Own Use letter  - to be printed on company letterhead, signed with date.
Requirements For Credit facility,
  1. Complete the credit application form.
  2. Produce company audited financial reports for last 2-3years.