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Description: Avaya


Unified Communications


Collaborate Seamlessly, Enterprise-
Wide and Beyond

Avaya lets you use preferred devices, anywhere, to
click and collaborate together. Share info, make
decisions, drive results. Scale the solution to
thousands of users.

Learn about Avaya Aura® Conferencing

Explore the Avaya Flare® Experience

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Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for unified communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service―and ultimately competitiveness. Unified Communications simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. Our people-centric solutions integrate voice, video and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction. This eliminates inefficiencies in communications to make organizations more productive and responsive.

Avaya also offers an open software platform for quickly developing multi-vendor Unified Communications and Communications Enabled Business Process (CEBP) applications. Avaya provides solutions and supporting services directly and through its channel partners.


Working at the Speed of Business
with Mobility Solutions from Avaya


Collaboration for Dummies

Learn how to improve business success—increase productivity, differentiation, and profitability—by changing how your team collaborates. This free eBook from Avaya explains how to successfully implement group collaboration, video conferencing, messaging, and other Unified Communications solutions, so people can work across any media, from anywhere. Get the eBook

Leadership Guide to Mobile Collaboration/BYOD

Avaya explores how enterprises are adapting as users, customers, and partners bring their own mobile devices into the workplace. Integrating mobility into business processes holds enormous potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate. But success depends on using trusted partners and best practices in developing security, management and control policies. Get the Guide

Mobile Solutions Connect Information Workers to Collaboration and Innovation Processes

This Forrester Consulting survey reveals that 50% of information workers are working away from the office, part of an ever growing trend to mobility. To keep collaboration flowing, and to protect productivity and customer service, businesses are incorporating mobile and video technologies into business processes. Read the report

The Rise of Video-Enabled Innovation will Power Corporate Growth

A recent Forrester Consulting survey explores the tangible and intangible benefits of fully deploying video conferencing to all users. The most common benefits cited are increasing collaboration between employees and improving workforce productivity. However, the report also explores business continuity success, travel reductions, and replicating face-to-face interactions in both small and large groups. Read the report


BYOD is Here to Stay—Leverage It or Bust

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) focuses on employees using personal communication devices to communicate in the workplace. If you don’t have a mobile policy in place, you could be missing opportunities to grow revenue. In this video, an IDC analyst tells what your global peers are planning. And you'll learn how to get deals done and deliver a noteworthy ROI using Avaya Mobile Collaboration solution. Play the video


Avaya Product & Solutions Calculator

Learn how Avaya Unified Communications, Contact Center, Video, and Networking products can help save your company money and energy. Find potential savings based on your business size and network infrastructure. Try it now

Contact Centres

Gartner Rates Contact Center
Infrastructure Vendors

Review the key capabilities that Gartner deems critical for
contact centers and how Avaya scored against other
vendors. Register for the report

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A revolution is underway in customer service, being driven by new generations of consumers, new modes of communication, and consumer adoption of social media.

To address these changes, companies need an end-to-end approach to managing their customer experience that helps them leverage the latest in best practices and enabling technologies alongside their existing resources.
Customer Experience Management is the driving force for Avaya’s Contact Centrr strategy.  Our focus is to help organizations create competitive advantage by delivering a differentiated customer experience.

Customer Experience Optimization

Businesses that deliver excellent customer experiences have a distinct competitive advantage over ones that don’t. What type of experience does your contact center deliver and how do you know? Explore Customer Experience Optimization solutions to learn more. Play the demo


Avaya Aura® Contact Center Demo

See how Avaya helps you keep up with an evolving business environment by focusing on experience management. Experience management lets customers contact you through multiple media types, improving agent and supervisor efficiency, and your customer service overall. Play the demo

Avaya IQ Demo

Avaya IQ is an analytics tool that monitor and analyzes the contact center providing a comprehensive view of the customer experience and all agent contributions. It ties revenue and quality scores to each call and delivers reports that relate activity to results. Play the demo

Proactive Outreach Manager Demo

Proactive Outreach Manager helps you get the most out of your technology investment—reducing costs while elevating the customer experience. Solutions like automated welcome e-mails, notification calls, and text reminders contribute to increased customer satisfaction and revenues for your business. Play the demo

Contact Centre Control Manager Demo

See how Contact Center Control Manager provides seamless integration with centralized administration to the Avaya Aura® Contact Center Suite. Play the demo


Avaya makes it Simpler to Deploy
Virtualized Applications

We find 41% of companies need over a month to implement a network change. Chop that time with turnkey, packaged components that launch applications and optimize their performance.

Learn about Collaboration Pods

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Reaching the Avaya vision of plug-and-play communications means changing the dynamics among people, applications, and the foundational network to achieve a context-aware collaboration that is always-on, simplified and virtualized.

The key concept for our vison is the fit-for-purpose network. As real-time communications continue evolving to IP telephony, the data network begins to facilitate communications-enabled business services, while transporting other critical business applications. Avaya delivers some of the most advanced technologies available, enabling enterprises to build dependable networks with a significant ROI. The Avaya Networking portfolio offers:

  • Ethernet Switches: This range of core and access switches supports from entry-level branch offices (through premium high-performance Wiring Closet) to Campus Core and Data Center applications.
  • Branch Routers: Our integrated routers, gateways, and appliances allow enterprises to reliably and securely connect branch sites.
  • Wireless Networks: This cost-effective and scalable solution enables enterprises to deploy wireless coverage.
  • Access Control: These solutions provide policy decisions to enforce role-based access control to the network.
  • Network Management: Our support of data and voice networks simplifies management requirements across functional areas.
  • Collaboration Pods: We combine server, storage, virtualization, and networking components in easy-to-order, easy-to-deploy, and ready-to-operate packages. Pods deliver maximum Avaya application performance, and can support private or public cloud solutions.

The portfolio is available globally in all industries with particular strength in healthcare, education, hospitality, and financial services, as well as to local and state governments.


Avaya Networking

An introduction to the Avaya Networking portfolio and how these products support critical networks with performance, reliability, and security. Open the fact sheet


Creating a Fit-for-Purpose Network Architecture

Learn about Avaya's Fit-For-Purpose Strategy and how we deliver solutions that meet the most critical performance requirements and address the specific needs of today's enterprise networks. Read the white paper

Small and Midsize Business

Avaya Keeps Up as Your Business Grows

IP Office lets you easily,
cost-effectively expand communications as you grow.
Seamlessly support up to 1,000 users at a single site.

video case study: Branson Airport

more on scalabilility

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In small and midsize businesses, managing business growth effectively is an ongoing challenge. Resources are stretched and employees often fill multiple roles. New employees need to integrate rapidly. Success often depends on enabling associates to quickly connect and collaborate, easily stay connected to customers and suppliers, and clearly differentiate themselves from competitors.

Whether you have five or 1,000 employees, have a single site or hundreds of networked locations, need basic telephonyor the most sophisticated unified communications and contact center capabilities, Avaya has the right solution for your business. We deliver the flexibility, mobility, scalability, and investment protection you need to communicate and collaborate without limitations, manage expansion costs effectively, and drive business forward with speed and within budget.

Avaya solutions are designed to deliver The Power of We™—the result of enabling everyone in your business to collaborate more effectively, boosting both productivity and customer satisfaction.


Demo: Mobile Collaboration Solution for Small and Midsize Business

Get the collaboration tools you need…on your smart phone. This demo shows how Avaya Mobile Collaboration software equips your phone with the tools you need to work effectively anywhere and stay in touch with colleagues, customers and partners. Watch the demo


Frost & Sullivan: Mobile Collaboration and the Small & Midsize Market

Small businesses today are struggling to stay connected in an always on, increasingly virtual workplace. Find out how to help your employees stay in touch on any device and from any location—whether they're at home, in a hotel, or at the airport. Get the white paper

How a New Breed of Small Businesses Is Using Communications to Thrive in the New Economy

See how several small businesses are using advanced communications to improve collaboration, mobility, and customer service—and how this in turn helps them control costs and expand their business. Read the stories

Day in the Life: Physician's Practice

Follow along as we highlight the operational efficiencies and patient care improvements that a doctor’s office could experience by using the advanced communications of Avaya IP Office.
Get the paper

How Small and Midsize Professional Services Firms Can Use Unified Communications to Maximize Success

With everyone on the move—at client locations, in the car, traveling—it’s imperative to help partners and key associates collaborate effectively with clients and colleagues. Explore a customer service strategy that every firm has available: the wise use of sophisticated unified communications.
Get the report


The Power of We ™


The Power of We™

Access information faster, pull people together easily,
make decisions more quickly, and communicate across
different devices.

Watch video

It’s amazing what meaningful collaboration can do for a business. Faraway teams connect and see eye-to-eye. Coworkers exchange the right information with the right people in real time. And each individual Me turns into a collectively formidable We.

At Avaya, we’re focused on this vision like no other company. It’s why our core technologies and key services are built around pulling teams together. It’s why we provide more context and more tools for sharing more ideas – regardless of your device, location or form of communication.

Whether you’re connecting by text, voice or video, Avaya provides collaboration solutions that bring talented individuals together to form exceptional teams – teams that collaborate faster, make smarter decisions and drive better business results.

It’s all about uniting your collective strengths and delivering your collaborative best. At Avaya, we call it The Power of We™.

Multi-Modal Collaboration

Collaborate anytime, anywhere with the ground-
breaking Avaya Flare ® Experience

Forrester White Paper

Innovation unleashed: How technology will make collaboration your next competitive advantage.



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