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Aligning Business Strategy and the IT infrastructure. F5’s fast, secure, and available architecture aligns an end user customer’s network, virtualization, storage, optimization, data center security, cloud, video and mobility/BYOD services with specific applications, allowing them to easily provision services to meet business needs rapidly.
Why is F5 different?
F5 is the only vendor that provides strategic points of control throughout the IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to scale, adapt and align with changing business demands. F5 assists resellers in driving business forward on a solid foundation of IT agility that delivers new ways to provide services and to generate true business value. Managing the delivery of applications across a customer’s entire IT infrastructure is a complex challenge. F5 tackles that challenge at its core, right where a customer’s ’ network, storage, servers and security come together, giving them strategic points of control throughout their IT infrastructure.
This Unique Framework Includes:
TMOS Platform, F5 iRules, F5 iControl, F5 Data Management Operating System

With its application control plane architecture, TMOS (Traffic Management Operating System) gives customers intelligent control over the acceleration, security and availability services their applications require. TMOS establishes a virtual, unified pool of highly scalable, resilient and reusable services that can dynamically adapt to the changing conditions in data centers and virtual and cloud infrastructures.
  F5 iRules™
The event-driving scripting language that customizes how application traffic is intercepted, inspected, transformed and directed.
  F5 iControl®
The open API that helps automate communications and eliminates the need for costly manual intervention.
  F5 Data Management Operating System
The core of F5's scalable and intelligent file virtualization solutions that simplifies and automates data delivery.
The BIG-IP Product Family
The BIG-IP product family is a system of integrated application delivery services that work together on the same best-in-class hardware or virtual appliance. From load balancing, SSL offload and web acceleration, to network security, application security, access control, and much more, the BIG-IP system creates an agile infrastructure to ensure applications are always fast, secure, and available.

On-Demand Application Delivery Controllers
VIPRION is the first Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that scales on demand. It provides the highest levels of throughput and transactions per second available by combining purpose-built hardware with the F5 TMOS operating system and ScaleN architecture to deliver massive performance and scalability.
Increase Your Profit Through Data Center Practice Differentiation:
  F5 integrated ADC Firewall solutions allow resellers to increase their security sales footprint in the data center.
  Partners currently selling servers, storage, virtualization, VDI, mobility (BYOD), security and business video and streaming into the data center can increase their reach by selling either F5 Firewall functionality upgrades or new F5 integrated ADC/WAN Optimization Manager/ICSA Firewall Appliances.
  Partners currently selling non-F5 ADCs, servers, storage, virtualization, VDI, mobility (BYOD), security and video streaming into the data center, and are not focused on security but want to increase their footprint to the security sales opportunity in the data center by selling F5 integrated ADC/WAN Optimization Manager/Application Security Manager (ASM)/ICSA Firewall Appliances.
Application Delivery Networking, WAN Optimization & VDI
BIG-IP® Application Delivery Networking platforms can manage even the heaviest traffic loads at both layer 4 and layer 7. By merging high performance switching fabric, specialized hardware and advanced software, F5 provides the flexibility to make in-depth application decisions without introducing bottlenecks.

F5 BIG-IP increases performance, improves security, and reduces infrastructure costs of popular virtual desktop solutions. F5 simplifies your customer’s infrastructure, and reduces costs. F5 solutions also provide unified access control for secure remote and local access, deliver superior performance for users on mobile devices, and scale to meet the demands of large, distributed deployments. F5 helps organizations maintain a high-quality user experience by streamlining the authentication process for remote users into a single step.

Move up the Security Ladder
Go beyond the firewall and into the data center where applications, databases and business critical assets are stored. When transitioning from security sales to data center solutions with an integrated ADC/Data Center ICSA certified Firewall , you can help your customers differentiate between practices and realize increased profit.

High-Performance ICSA Certified Firewall Solution for Data Centers
F5 offers a native, high-performance firewall solution that protects the entire infrastructure and scales to perform under the most demanding conditions. F5 provides the intelligence and flexibility your customers need to stay secure in the ever-changing and increasingly threatening landscape. Customers get a common platform to deliver applications and significantly improve responsiveness to rapidly evolving threats. F5 brings together the network, applications, data and users under a single security strategy that traditional firewalls and point solutions do not offer.

F5 goes beyond the NGFW
  Unique “One-Box” Integrated ADC/WAN Optimization /ICSA Firewall Solution - goes above and beyond the next generation firewall solutions
  Ideally suited for supporting and securing VDI
  Ideally suited for supporting and securing Big Data
  Ideally suited for BYOD; supporting and securing Mobile Users (iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch and Android)

File Virtualization and Data Management
F5 ARX file virtualization devices enable end user customers to dramatically simplify data management and reduce storage costs. By introducing intelligent file virtualization and automated tiering into the file storage infrastructure, ARX eliminates the disruption associated with storage administration and automates many storage management tasks. The result is a dramatic improvement in cost, agility and business efficiency.

F5 Data Manager improves visibility into the file storage environment by monitoring file data and providing detail reports and trending information. With this valuable insight, your customers can improve the accuracy of capacity planning and forecasting, create effective file management policies and uncover hidden storage optimization opportunities.

Enterprise Management
F5 Enterprise Manager significantly reduces the cost and complexity of managing multiple F5 devices. Customers gain a single-pane view of their entire application delivery infrastructure and the tools they need to automate common tasks, ensure optimized application performance, and improve budgeting and forecasting to meet changing business needs. Enterprise Manager helps decrease deployment and management times, as well as operational errors, resulting in a significant reduction of up to 30% in operating expenses and total cost of ownership (TCO).


Simplifying Big Data/Storage
As the volume of unstructured data continues to skyrocket, organizations need the ability to efficiently manage file data while keeping storage costs in check. F5's ARX storage solutions can help organizations automatically move non-critical data from expensive storage resources to lower cost alternatives, creating significant savings in capital expenditures. F5 devices also lower backup costs and shrink backup and recovery windows by reducing the amount of redundant data backed up on a regular basis.

F5 DevCentral
F5 has DevCentral, a business-driven social networking site where a community of more than 73,000 users share innovations in creating scalable, dynamic networks.
Who Relies on F5?
Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on F5 solutions, including:
  8 of the Fortune 10 companies1
  44 of the Fortune 50 companies1
  18 of the top 20 U.S. commercial banks1
  5 of the top 5 U.S. airlines1
  9 of the top 10 U.S. insurance companies - property and casualty1
  5 of the top 5 healthcare companies: pharmacy and other services1
  15 of the 15 executive branch departments of the U.S. federal government2
  10 of the top 10 fixed and mobile global service providers3
  4 of the top 5 U.S. Internet search providers4
  16 of the top 20 cloud infrastructure and Web hosting companies5

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2 Web site listing
3 Q311 Ovum Market share, by revenue, global
4 Comscore May 2011
5 Gartner Magic Quadrant Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (On Demand, December 2011)


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