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Upgrade the Base - Next Gen SRX Migration

Now is the time to upgrade and protect your business with Juniper's Next-Generation Firewalls.

Modernize your perimeter to run as part of the network-wide security ecosystem.

Embrace the secure network.

In today’s threat landscape, businesses need to rethink their security strategies. Sophisticated malware requires a new approach: network security must evolve from being executed at the perimeters of the network, to a new, holistic strategy in which every network device becomes a point of enforcement.

Juniper delivers on these advanced requirements with the SRX Series Services Gateways. And now is the time to upgrade to these next-generation firewalls to modernize your perimeter, making it more adaptable as new threats emerge.

Take advantage of promotions from Juniper to safeguard your organization with a solution that offers:

  • Protection against application threats and malware while enabling better bandwidth usage
  • Time-saving capabilities and the reduction of complexity in policy management
  • Operations streamlined with a single, central management platform

Protect your business with a next-generation firewall

Juniper's next-generation firewalls deliver better protection through application-aware security and user role-based controls

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Eliminate the chasm between threat detection and mitigation

Find out how Juniper Networks, in partnership with Cyphort have developed a solution that can rapidly detect and contain threats.

Discover the top six security measures for the enterprise campus network

Your business is growing exponentially, which means it’s critical to not fall victim to a piecemeal security strategy. It’s time for a unified security front. In this paper from TechTarget you will examine:

  • The six key considerations for building security into your architecture
  • The value of an integrated and automated security strategy
  • How Juniper’s Unite architecture enables it all


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