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Network Access Solutions: 802.1x / AAA

The Juniper Networks complete family of AAA and 802.1X network access security products are suitable for networks of any size, from enterprise to operator, wired or wireless. This comprehensive suite of products are an important component to uniform security policy enforcement across all network access methods, including WLAN, remote/VPN, dial, and identity-based (wired 802.1X). Specialised solutions for service providers also manage subscriber authentication, support any service delivery model, and accelerate time-to-market for new services, with the performance and reliability to handle any traffic load and with full support for any network infrastructure.

Juniper Networks Steel-Belted Radius - Complete family of RADIUS/AAA and policy management servers for enterprises and services providers, available in a variety of form factors to meet any requirements.

Juniper Networks Odyssey - Complete family of secure 802.1X access clients for the enterprise and government agencies.


  • Complete suite of network access security products based on RADIUS and 802.1X standards.
  • Suitable for enterprise and service provider networks, wireless or wired.
  • Easily deployed and managed enterprise-wide.


  • Meets government requirements for FIPS-compliant WLAN access.
  • Reduced cost of ownership.
  • Proven reliability and performance, to manage even the busiest networks.
  • Seamless compatibility in your network environment.



Charles Ogwari

Systems Engineer

+254 20 420 1045