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Security Threat Response Manager

Integrated log management, security information and event management, and network behavior analysis in a single console with multi-vendor support will reduce the cost of security management and improve IT efficiency.


The STRM family includes the STRM 500 for small, medium and large enterprises or departments that won't need to upgrade to higher events-per-second or flows-per-minute capacities. The STRM 2500 is an enterprise-class appliance delivering scalable network security management for medium-sized companies up to large, globally deployed organisations that will need additional flow and event monitoring capacity in the future.


Example dashboard from STRM :

Juniper STRM Console image

Juniper's STRM solution enables:

  • Threat Detection - Detection of events that would otherwise be missed by product or operational silos.
  • Log Management - Enables response to the right threats at the right time through the effective management of millions of log files.
  • Compliance - Implementation of a compliance and policy safety net with comprehensive event storage and reporting.
  • IT Efficiency - Extracts IT value that is latent but lost from existing network and security investment.

Features & Benefits

The Juniper Networks Security Threat Response Manager (STRM) appliances deliver the following main features and benefits:

  • Centralised command and control console - Integrated log management, security information and event management (SIEM), and network behaviour analysis in a single console reduces security management solution acquisition costs and improves IT efficiency.
  • Network, security, application & identity awareness - Converged management of network events, security events, network and application flow data, vulnerability data and identity information greatly improve the ability to meet IT security objectives.
  • Advanced threat and security incident detection - STRM's unique "offense" management significantly reduces false positives and detects threats that other security solutions miss.
  • Compliance-driven reporting capabilities - STRM provides compliance-centric reporting that enables the delivery of IT best practices that support compliance initiatives.
  • Scalable distributed log collection and archival - STRM's distributed appliance architecture scales to provide event and flow log management in any enterprise network



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