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WAN Acceleration Solutions

The Juniper Networks WX-Series platforms provide distributed enterprises with a cost-effective solution for accelerating applications over the WAN.

Based on the unique WX Framework, which integrates all the elements required to optimise application performance, the WX platforms help businesses improve application response times, maximise WAN investments, and control and prioritise key applications.

The WX platforms improve application performance over the WAN by eliminating redundant transmissions, accelerating TCP and application-specific protocols, prioritising and allocating access to bandwidth, and ensuring high availability at sites with multiple WAN links.

The WX platforms communicate constantly to provide distributed stateful intelligence about the entire network, exchanging vital information such as topology, reachability, and path-performance metrics. The WX platforms also interoperate with the Juniper Networks WXC application acceleration platforms, contributing to a complete, integrated WAN optimisation solution.

The WX platforms can be deployed and configured in just 10 minutes using a web-based installation wizard. The WXOS and WX Central Management System software also enable fully automated configuration; IT simply defines centralized configuration templates and, when remote WX platforms boot up, they retrieve a network address, locate the WX CMS server through the domain name service (DNS), download their configuration file, and begin operation.


The WX and WXC platforms enable organisations to realize a range of business and technical benefits. With these application acceleration devices, enterprises can:

  • Increase bandwidth
  • Gain visibility
  • Reduce costs
  • Consolidate servers



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Systems Engineer

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