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Important Live-Update Expiration

Important LiveUpdate Certificate Expiration Notice

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Important LiveUpdate Certificate Expiration

Dear Valued Partner,
As of April 30, 2011, Symantec will have reached

the end of the validity period for the digital certificate

initially associated with the LiveUpdate feature

in some of Symantec’s products. Many of Symantec’s

products were patched some time ago so that the

LiveUpdate process will continue to receive updates.

However some Symantec products will no longer

receive updates due to this issue, and action is

required by customers to continue to receive updates

for these products.



Next Steps and Resources

We’ve created a resource page where you can check

the status of your customers' products and any

potential action that may need to be taken to continue

to receive updates. To see if any action is required for

your customers, please visit PartnerNet.


Should you have questions, please contact your Partner

Account Manager, or visit the Partner Support Page to

understand your support options.


Symantec Corporation

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What is LiveUpdate

Many of Symantec’s products utilize the “LiveUpdate™” feature which enables Symantec products to download and install security and software updates such as antivirus definitions, intrusion prevention signatures and product-patches.


Digital Certificates

Symantec leverages digital certificates as part of the LiveUpdate process to ensure that the update downloaded by a customer is an identical copy of the update that was released by Symantec.  Digital certificates contain a validity period of anywhere from 1 year to 10 years or more and once the validity period ends, the digital certificate expires.  Software that does not check the validity period of a digital certificate will continue to function as if nothing has changed, while software that relies on the validity period will cease to receive updates that were signed after the validity period has ended.


Martin Kioko

Vendor Business Manager

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